Free Program of the Month 02/2023

Free Program of the Month 02/2023



What is this strangely named program with the logo that is an alien head that I am recommending this month?  To go along with the last article I put up about Sound Cards this is a music playing program.  One of the BEST programs for playing music out there!

Most people only ever use the built in Windows Music Player or Apple's iTunes music player.  There are actually many other programs out there for playing music on your machines.  Not just for professionals but just anybody who likes to listen to music on their computers.

Why should I switch to something else when the standard one just works for me?  It does everything that the Windows and Apple ones do but much more.

Where Microsoft and Apple can usually only play a couple different music formats Foobar2000 can play anything that you throw at it music wise.  From the old school MIDI files to the newer HD FLAC files to the obscure formats out there.  So you are NOT tied down to one manufacturer.

Foobar raises the bar biggly time with all of its options, tweaks, and other things you can do to the sound!  There are so much you can do with it it really puts the others to shame BUT if you just want a simple music player it can be that too.

Oh, the best part?  It's 100% FREE with no phoning home of your information like the others!  It's also a very tiny program and has been around for a long time.

As always if you want to try it out and want a little help just ask us.

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