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Microsoft will be putting ads in Windows 11

16 Mar 2022 : 09:49  |  Tech News  |   0
Advertisements for everybody!

Microsoft is toying with the idea of putting advertisements in its updated "File Explorer" in Windows 11.


For those of you that don't know, this is your main file browser in Windows and not the old Internet Explorer.


I hope they don't, there will be a huge backlash if they do.  Too many advertisements everywhere.


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TP-Link Routers are Phoning Home Your Web Info

15 Mar 2022 : 11:20  |  Tech News  |   0
TP-Link Routers are Phoning Home Your Web Info

If you use a TP-Link router replace it as soon as possible.


It has been found out very recently that they will gobble up your information about where you go online and send it to a third party.


If you have any questions about this don't hesitate to call us.




Fully Story

Your CPU Will Have a HUGE Speed Hit Soon

15 Mar 2022 : 11:16  |  Tech News  |   0
Spectre V2 CPU BUG Has Been Found.

A new bug in the CPU architecture has been found and the patch for it will reduce the speed of your computer significantly.


There is a patch for Linux already but the Microsoft patch is behind and not out yet.


This bug effects every cpu out now unfortunately.  Intel, AMD, and ARM.


Link to Full Story

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